World Medical Association: Lockdown measures will last until Easter | WORLD

The president of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, estimates that the lockdown for the coronavirus will last until Easter, despite the timely start of the vaccination.

«Although vaccinations start earlier than expected, their results will only help to gradually improve the condition. We should continue to live with various lockdown measures at least until Easter“, Stated the president of the World Medical Association in the newspapers of the Funke Journalistic Group (Wednesday publications), as noted by APE-MPE.

“We must avoid a yo-yo phenomenon in the lockdown phases”


«Model calculations showed that a hard lockdown would compress the number of infections nationwide below the 50-case rate per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days at the earliest. Citizens should therefore be prepared for the continuation of the current strict rules: There will be an extension of the lockdown beyond 10 January.“, He added.

Montgomery warned not to speed up the easing of measures in case the situation improves again in the new year: “Politicians need to smooth the hard lockdown slowly. If this process goes too fast, there is a great risk that the country will soon be caught in an even bigger wave of pandemics. With each new wave of the epidemic, the virus will continue to spread in the population and then it must be fought with increasingly harsh measures. We must avoid a yo-yo phenomenon in the lockdown phases“, Stressed the president of the World Medical Association.