Wild Bees: Tolias gave a strong spoiler: “What is coming is a lot…”

Tolias TV spoke about the developments that are coming to Diafani, giving a very strong spoiler.

As his daughter has already written, she breaks up the engagement with Nestor’s grandson and Boscaris enters her life, but not for good since he will make her his “pawn”.

“What is coming is very impressive, soon in Diafani there will be a loss with intrigue. Something is happening with Voskari, when he was in Diafani he worked for Doukas, there is not much information.

He is a man that I have to work with as he is in the police and I am a community leader. The dissolution of Sofoula’s engagement, damages the reputation of the family. “Voskaris will enter our lives a lot”, he said, among other things, while revealing that at some point he will learn the truth.

“We will go through forty waves.”

See everything he said in the video