Why Golovkin will kill De la Hoya ‘if given the chance’

Boxing did not have much to give in 2020, for the obvious reason. That is why everything was done, so that the year ‘closes’ properly. That is, with the returns of the best middleweight in the ring. By the way, there was a commitment to murder, if conditions allow. I will explain to you what I mean.

On Tuesday, November 8, Canelo Alvarez filed a lawsuit against the company that represents him and ‘closes’ matches (Golden Boy Promotions) and the one that cooperates for the transmission of his ‘battles’, DAZN, for breach of contract their.

Founder and CEO of Golden Bay Promotions was Oscar de la Hoya, winner of 11 world titles in six different categories between 1992 and 2008 and Olympic gold medalist in 1992, nicknamed the ‘Golden Boy of boxing’. I want to tell you that the American-born Mexican parent had no difficulty finding a name for his company when he decided to set it up in 2002.

Alvarez was asking for $ 280,000,000 in ‘damages’, as he had estimated that amount he would have received under the contract up to that point – without this being the reality. What had happened; Two years earlier, those you read had signed the richest deal in the history of boxing.

It included the exclusive broadcast of 11 games of the 30-year-old (today) Mexican, from 2019 to 2023, for the price of 365,000,000 dollars. The 35 million would ‘go’ to the athlete.

Since then they have been fighting for all possible reasons. The key was who Santos Saúl .lvarez Barragán (that is his full name), champion of all four divisions in the middleweight division, would find in the ring, as well as his pay. The contract stated that the boxer would have a say in who he would face. While the boxer was looking for fights that would allow him to keep his titles, his company ‘closed’ those who would ‘give’ the most money – resulting in losing a crown. As long as the frictions lasted, there were no matches. As Alvarez grew older, he stopped trusting his company, even translating what he said into Spanish, in press conferences, and appeared everywhere with his own translator.

By the way, the contract was signed after Alvarez’s victory over Gennady Golovkin (9/15/2018, with pay per views ‘giving’ $ 1.1 million and total revenue reaching $ 24 million). He was the last to be broadcast on HBO, paying the champion until then. His dominance over Rocky Fielding in December of that year was his DAZN premiere. The second ‘screening’ was his meeting with Daniel Jacobs, who had taken one of his titles, in May 2019. Alvarez was the winner of the ‘biggest fight of the year’. Following this, the quarrels that had already begun intensified. The occasion was DANZ’s proposal to play for the third year in a row, on the day of Mexico’s independence with Sergei Golovkin. It was not something he was interested in. He preferred Kovalev “because it is the best in its class and one of the best in the sport”.

In October of the same year, Alvarez got what he wanted, namely the meeting with Kovalev (world champion in the light heavyweight category), which took place a month later. According to ESPN in the press conference, the biggest star of world boxing seemed to have more tension among his promoter, than he had for the opponent. I remind you that his boss was Oscar de la Hoya, with whom he had been working since 2010. He accused him of ‘closing’ matches to him, without asking him.

In the ring, the Mexican knocked out the Russian and became the fourth in history to win a world title in middleweight and light heavyweight, after Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns and Mike McCallum. It was the last appearance of the best, who sued and demanded his money and / or his freedom from Golden Boy Promotions and DANZ.

Last September (2020) the World Boxing Council (one of the four major professional boxing organizations) called on Alvarez to defend his super middleweight title against Avni Gildirim. A month later there was not the slightest information that the discussions about when and where had started, since the Mexican had already taken his associates to court – and they obviously did not care how he would make money. Until they realized that this is how everyone comes out lost and finally, the Golden Boy Promotions came to the fore.

So it was announced that on December 19, the ‘best’ will return to the ring to face Keelum Smith, with the super middleweight belt in the middle. The match will take place in San Antonio. He is the first Mexican in a year and a month. The 30-year-old Briton is undefeated in 27 games. He beat the 19 of them by knockout. He is considered the best fighter in his country. It has just recently ‘opened’ to the rest of the world, so the fight with Alvarez will show a lot about who he really is.

Let’s go now to the 38-year-old Golovkin, the middleweight champion, who had signed with DAZN in March 2019 (for three years and six fights) and has also collected them at Oscar de la Hoya. Kozakos has a fight in Florida – the first after 14 months – against the Pole Camille Zemereta. In this press conference, the journalists asked him for a comment, for a statement of la Hoya. Specifically for ‘Golovkin will be an easy opponent when I return to the ring’. According to DAZN, the 47-year-old announced that 90% will make the comeback at the beginning of 2021, after 12 years of absence – since his victory over Manny Pacquiao in 2008. And he will do it because, as he said, he believes that he can dominate and again. The 10% missing from his decision was for Mike Tyson and his own return, after a 15-year absence, against Roy Jones at the Staples Center.

Tyson’s body was fine in what was essentially a demonstration match (each round lasted 8 minutes) and ended in a draw. He took what you say, la Hoya and said ‘I will come back too’. In his first appearance in front of the media, Golovkin said that it is convenient for him to play with La Hoya, instead of Alvarez, because he will ‘make’ more money. “You know how dirty his mouth is. What concerns me is a nightmare for him. He can say whatever he wants. Let me put it this way: if I have the opportunity to kill someone in the ring without going to jail, I might take advantage of it”. During the months he did not have a job, among many others he did was teach boxing to Cristiano Ronaldo.

By the way, the tweet was made by Golovkin’s promoter, who is also Alvarez’s new promoter. And the snapshot belongs to a documentary prepared by DAZN, entitled ‘Parallel Roads’ and starring the gentlemen you saw.