Who called him a “television dictator” during his show – Newsbeast

The case of a doctor – “monkey” in Crete was dealt with yesterday afternoon through Live news, the Nikos Evangelatos. According to the report, the 62-year-old defendant and his wife were treating unsuspecting victims with the use of a bioresonance bar.

In his show Mega spoke to some of the victims who described the method that this person used to identify which organ was affected. He also hosted a lawyer-victim, who told his own story.

Afterwards, Nikos Evangelatos spoke with the accused himself, while before speaking with the president of the Medical Association, Chania, Mrs. Voula Orfanoudaki, the lawyer of the 62-year-old, Vassilis Noulezas, intervened in the show.

Between the presenter and the lawyer An intense dialogue ensued, as his lawyer felt that he was being pressured.

“You are putting a lot of pressure on the accused Mr. Evangelate to answer you about issues that concern the substance of the case. “If you call someone, you have to give them the opportunity to speak,” said the lawyer. The journalist referred to the limited time of the bulletin to convince Mr. Noulezas to be short.

«In such terms I do not accept to be invited. You do not allow anyone to speak… You are a TV dictator!The lawyer told him twice. With Nikos Evangelatos τον “thanking” him for the characterization.

Watch the excerpt in question in the video below from the 14th minute onwards: