When will we get the 18 Rafale – Their delivery schedule

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 17, he will be introduced for a parliamentary debate Armaments Committee the contract for the purchase of 18 French fighter jets Rafale.

After negotiations of the Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos with his French counterpart Florence Parley It was decided that six (two two-seater and four single-seater) of the 18 Rafale will be new and the remaining 12 used (two two-seater and 10 single-seater) from French Air Force.

Its agents Ministry of National Defense explain that the reasons that led to the choice that includes used aircraft, was the possibility of their immediate delivery, in order to increase in a short period of time the operational capability of the Air Force, but also to reduce costs in order to allocate resources to other weapons systems of the three branches that are necessary. From Air Force They report that the French side met the Greek requirements regarding the condition of the used aircraft, while the manufacturer “Dassault” provides the guarantee of their good operation.

The total cost of the program is € 2.32 billion

The total purchase cost of 18 Rafale is € 1.92 billion (no bookings), a price to which they should be added another € 400 million (without reservations), for the weapons of twin fighter jets. The weapons of the new Rafale include “Meteor” guided missiles. The French side also undertakes the necessary upgrades and certifications of the existing missiles “Mica”, “Scalp” and “Exocet” in order to be used in the new aircraft.

The 18 Rafale fighter jets will join the 332 Squadron at the Tanagra Base.

The Rafale delivery schedule

The first six used Rafale will come to Greece six months after the signing of the Convention (around June 2021) at a rate of one per month. The six new aircraft will be delivered from the 20th month after the signing of the Contract at a rate of one per month, while the last six used aircraft will be received from the 26th month after the signing of the Contract.

The Air Force expects to has six warplanes at the end of 2021, 12 at the end of 2022 and 18 in the summer of 2023.

The first four pilots of the Air Force will go to France for training in early 2021. After completing their training at Rafale, gradually the first Greek pilots of the twin French fighters will begin to train other Greek pilots.

Game changer the French Rafale

The Rafale fighter is one Multi-role aircraft, with the ability to perform a variety of missions simultaneously and is the most modern and combative of the European defense industry, while at the same time it can transfer the special weapons that already exist in the Greek arsenal, without the need for new investments in infrastructure and technical capabilities. The fact that Rafale is a twin engine fighter jet is expected to provide enormous potential to Air Force pilots, given that the fighter jets that Greece and Turkey have in their arsenal -mainly American-made F-16s- are single-engine.

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