“When a dirty politician calls me a traitor, ask yourself who I betrayed”

Many public figures, organizations, and social media users have called for Donald Trump to be ousted by President Donald Trump before he left the White House, amid a heated debate over the pardon of Julian Assange.

So do Republican senators, such as Rand Paul, who wrote on Twitter that “James Clapper lied to Congress, denying that the deep state is spying on all Americans. Snowden exposed Clapper’s lies and exposed unconstitutional espionage. He deserves thanks from Donald Trump! “

However, Liz Cheney, one of the leaders of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives, called Snowden a “traitor” to get the following paid answer from him.

“When a dirty politician calls me a traitor, ask yourself: who did I betray? The courts have repeatedly ruled that the programs I uncovered were illegal and possibly unconstitutional – a violation of your rights. “If it is a betrayal, what they call faith is a crime.”

Cheney was answered by her colleague, Republican Matt Goetz, commenting that her own ideology, which always supports wars, puts more troops in danger than Snowden ever did.

“We are constantly told, ‘This is for your safety (and) to investigate terrorists,'” the public interest witness said in a recent interview, adding that “Barack Obama’s investigations have shown that not a single terrorist attack has stopped.”

He has also been vindicated by the decision of a federal court of appeal in the USA, which ruled that the mass electronic surveillance of millions of Americans by the National Security Service (NSA) was illegal.

However, he has remained in self-imposed exile in Russia since 2013, as he continues to face serious charges of espionage in his homeland for exposing the vast espionage of its secret services.