What does Biden have and is he coughing? Social media users were worried that it has Covid-19 [βίντεο] | WORLD

Joe Biden’s persistent cough sparked strong concern among viewers and social media users.

In his 14-minute speech from Wilmington to Delaware after the confirmation of his victory by the College of Electors, the President-elect of the United States coughed 17 times.


Biden’s voice was hoarse as he celebrated his victory and opened fire on Donald Trump, saying that “no pandemic or abuse of power can extinguish the flame of democracy.” But the hoarseness in his voice and the fact that he interrupted his speech several times to cough and clear his throat caused concern among Twitter users.

“Drink some water, Joe. “You are scaring us,” one user wrote. Another wondered “does Biden need a coronavirus test?”

He, however, hastened to reassure: “Thank you, I’m a little cold. I apologize, but look, you did it, you did it, it’s not funny. This presidential campaign was like the first time I ran for the Senate at the age of 29. I believed that the world, the wonderful people will join forces and we will succeed. You did not disappoint us. You did not disappoint the country. I mean, think about it “, he stressed.

The last time Joe Biden was tested for coronavirus was last Friday and the results were negative. However, a doctor on Twitter told the president-elect’s adviser, Karin Jean-Pierre, to advise him to cough inside his elbow and not in the palm of his hand to set a good example. NPR political editor Scott Detroit noted that Biden used to clear his throat and cough in his speeches, but “this was the most persistent cough I have ever heard.” Biden is currently recovering from a fractured leg he suffered while playing with his dog, a German shepherd named Major.