What about the coronavirus mutation found in Britain


The British scientific community is distancing itself from the Johnson government a day after the announcements of the Minister of Health regarding the mutation of the virus that was identified with the rapid rise of the cases in the last period of time.

Yesterday, Matt Hancock announced that at least 60 different local authorities had registered Covid-19 infections caused by a new mutation that boosts the virus, and as of today, London and other parts of England are entering into a stricter lockdown package. 34 million people.

What scientists say

According to the British Minister of Health, the scientists reacted with caution, the APE-MPE reported, citing Business Insider and the Daily Mail as sources.

“It is incredibly disappointing that such a statement is made without evidence,” said Lucy van Drop, a geneticist who studies the coronavirus. “It is too early to worry about such a mutation.”

Virus mutation is nothing new. The coronavirus has been found to mutate over time and scientists are collecting samples from the onset of the pandemic to study the process. “Is normal. That’s how viruses work, “said Emma Hodcroft, a geneticist studying the coronavirus in the Kingdom of Switzerland.

Alan McNally, a professor of genetics at the University of Birmingham, was reassuring.

“It is important to maintain a calm and reasonable approach to the strain, as it is part of the normal evolution of the virus and we expect new variants to come and go and appear over time,” he told the Science Media Center in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, “efforts are being made to determine whether these mutations contribute to higher transmissibility,” said the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium, the team that identified the new strain.

Geneticist Emma Hodcroft states that the mutations that her team has studied so far are harmless and that the coronavirus is mutating slowly.

Chris Whitey, chief physician and UK public health chief, told a news conference that the government was not sure if the new staff member would be released sooner rather than later, as it introduced new restrictions. meters.