Well-known Greek journalist dies Gossip-tv.gr

Sadness in the field of sports journalism.

He passed away Telis Tsipianitis who wrote for years in “Kathimerini” and became known for his TV appearance on Mega.

His colleague Stelios Markakis said goodbye to him, writing on Facebook: “In my 36 years in journalism, few people thought I was really remarkable, authentically whole and inherently honest. I spoke even less as friends.

And counted on the fingers are those I thought of as true friends – for better or worse – and capable companions, at every level: from the endless conversations about everything, to the musical sounds that sounded strange, perhaps unfamiliar to many, to Baudelaire-Bukowski view of life, at times and, according to others, something completely different …

In the source contradiction is, after all, the genuine charm of every personality that is entitled and can – and succeeds – to leave a mark in the times …

Old friend, good friend, my authentic man and honest colleague, you should not, gmt, surprise us even on this last trip – so early, so abruptly … We did not believe in either “light soils” or “good soils” paradises “, nor in” rest “in peace”, so I do not say goodbye like that. I bid you farewell always with a wish, on some universal level, to remain anxious, free and a traveler. And, of course, nice drinks and good music on your trip, brother … “.

Our heartfelt condolences to his family!