“We can compromise with Turkey in territorial waters, as with Italy”

SYRIZA MP Dim. Vitsas, who has served as Deputy Minister of Defense in the SYRIZA-AN.EL government. He clarified that he is not talking about issues of sovereignty, while he was clearly against Ankara’s demand for demilitarization of the islands of the eastern Aegean.

“The Left is identified with two things: the international conflicts to be resolved peacefully, for the benefit of both parties, and secondly, we call on the ND to accept it – there is an objective compromise at the international level.”

said the SYRIZA MP, Dimitris Vitsas, talking about Greek-Turkish on Alpha 98.9 and the show “Radar”.

“I am not talking about islands, islets and sovereign rights. For example, we have just agreed with Italy on territorial waters, on the influence of the Strofades and the three islands above Corfu “, pointed out Mr. Vitsas.

Regarding the maps that Turkey produces from time to time, about “Blue Homeland”, stressed that “you do not accept that. There, you mule “.

Referring to Kastelorizo, he said “Does it have 100% influence? Does it have 0%? I heard that too. It is not put by Turks, it is put by Greeks. It is a matter of discussion and compromises on both sides. “There are issues concerning the international waters that are between us and can be resolved.”

He says “no” to the Turkish demand for demilitarization Greek islands, stressing: “We would not accept it. “To the extent that there is a threat, it is like raising your hands, if you say I demilitarize.”

He stressed that if we appeal to The Hague “We will be fully justified”.

«Or we sit at a table and agree, I say it can not be done, decades will pass, and the second solution is to go to The Hague. “Otherwise we will say and say the same thing again.” pointed out.

“Mitsotakis went to France for frigates and returned with Rafale”, said Mr. Vitsas, commenting on yesterday’s “present” of SYRIZA for the projected defense expenditures of the 2021 budget.

“The Armed Forces need support, but do they need it? Do we not know how they will be strengthened? We need to focus on saying get this, that, etc. These do not exist, so we vote “present”. We will examine each one who will come to the Parliament “.

“Isn’t it more correct to say, we accept that reinforcement is needed, but based on a specific plan and position each time?” he added.

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