Watch: GNTM Final Scanned, Launched at 56%

See what Nielsen’s television ratings recorded.

The curtain fell on GNTM last night with Iraklis Chuzinov emerging as the big winner. The reality of models dominated the viewership, reaching up to 56%, in the dynamic audience, in the announcement of the result.

The GNTM final averaged 30.2% of the total, while in the last half hour it reached 49.7%. Regarding the dynamic audience, the average was 38.8%, while in the last half hour the percentage jumped to 56%.

Note that the Wild Bees were the only opponent facing GNTM in the dynamic audience, as everyone else fell in single digits at the time. Big Brother also recorded double-digit numbers at the time of its broadcast, but lower.

The viewership…

Grand total

GNTM – 30.2%

Wild Bees – 25%


GNTM – 38.8%

Wild Bees – 23.5%

* The viewing figures are approximate, refer to the time zone of the programs and are indicative. Detailed viewing reports with accurate data for all programs in all audiences, as well as market surveys, are only available at Nielsen.