Voucher 200 euros to pupils and students for laptop and tablet: How and when they will share

He spoke to ANT1 about the support program for 560,000 pupils and students through a subsidy for the purchase of a laptop the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Sissy Gika. As he said, 25,000 families will benefit, each of which has at least one child, who attends from kindergarten to university. Every family, regardless of its members, will be entitled to a laptop.

Beneficiaries are those who receive the child allowance, of OPEC. Regarding the process, a special platform is prepared in Taxisnet, in which the interested party will enter and the system will answer him whether or not he is a beneficiary, based on his family income. The subsidy will be made through the voucher 200 euros, which will be redeemed to suppliers.

“This is the first program linked to the Development Fund,” concluded the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education.

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