Video: The “surgery” of OAKA in 11 phases

SDNA analyzes via video the 11 phases of the dietary nonsense that was committed in OAKA on Tuesday night.

Panathinaikos’ game against Real Madrid was a towing thriller. The match was judged in the 2nd overtime, with the team of Pablo Lasso leaving the closed of the Olympic Facilities victorious. What was left, however, were the arbitrators’ decisions, which raised a lot of dust and became a major topic of discussion.

This is because there are not 1 or 2 phases that judge the game, but 11 whole refereeing decisions. And when we talk about such a large number of phases that the majority of them are obvious, then no one can talk about decisions that were the result of human error.

One understands that the game of OAKA was judged in the second overtime, which means that the detail of … detail would judge the outcome of the match. And so every decision on the part of the referees had a decisive effect on the game.

The video that follows is the strongest proof. See the phases one by one so that you can draw your own conclusions about the referees’ decisions.