Varthakouri: The delicacy that Harry asked for is the most delicious dish of quarantine

We knew that it is gold, but that he would easily make such a dish, the truth is that we did not expect it

In addition to a wonderful mom, a loving wife and a talented presenter Andelina Varthakouri she is also an amazing cook.

As in all her, so in the dishes she prepares for her family, she puts love and all her art, so it is impossible that they are not delicious. This time, however, she did not prepare something that her daughters asked for, but a delicacy that her husband wanted, Haris Varthakouris.

She put all her mastery and of course the most delicious ingredients and made homemade penirli!

How do we know it was so delicious?

The revelation was made by the presenter and singer himself through a photo he uploaded.

“I asked my wife for penirli. “It’s so good that I got the lawyer and annulled the divorce”, he wrote with humor of course!

See the awesome delicacy in the gallery