Vaccine: Even before Christmas the first doses in Greece

Even before Christmas, ie on December 23 or 24, it is possible that the first vaccines against coronavirus will arrive in Greece, while 2 days later the vaccinations are expected to start.

Their transport operation will be gigantic and complex and will be named “Freedom”, as announced by the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the floor of Parliament.

The vaccines will arrive in Greece with special flights and then will be delivered to the vaccination centers.

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The schedule for vaccines will be as follows:

  • Approval will be given by the European Medicines Agency on 21 December
  • The final approval by the Commission is expected by 24 December
  • The first batches of vaccine are expected in our country on Christmas Eve.

Thus, immediately after the holidays, the first vaccinations will begin.

According to the information so far, the first batch that will come to Greece will be 500,000 doses of vaccines.

The refrigerators for the maintenance of the vaccinations have arrived in our country since last Thursday.

Pharmacists will also play a role in the process, assisting our older fellow citizens in making appointments for vaccination.

The procedures are “running” in Brussels

At the same time, Brussels is speeding up the adoption of the vaccine. This is directly related to the fact that in many countries lockdown is imposed again due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

The first installments will be proportional to the population of each country.

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