Twitter Killer sentenced to death: Killed and dismembered 8 women and a man

In death was convicted today a 30 year old Japanese by a Tokyo court for murder in 2017 nine people, whom he successively attracted to his house after locating them in Twitter.

The ruling closed the much-anticipated trial in Japan of the “Twitter killer,” as the defendant was described as having come in contact with his victims through the social media platform.

“The death penalty has been imposed,” a court official said.

Defendant Takahiro Siraisi confessed during his trial that he killed and dismembered 9 people aged 15 to 26 years, 8 of whom were women.

According to the indictment, Shirazi strangled and dismembered his victims from August to October 2017, Kyodo reported. He also reportedly had sexually abused all the women who fell victim to it, according to the same.

His lawyers, who had asked for the 30-year-old to be sentenced, argued in court that his victims – who had expressed suicidal tendencies on social media – had given the consent to die.

However, this version, which was even challenged by the accused himself, was rejected by the court.

“None of the 9 victims had consented to die, not even indirectly,” according to Judge Naokuni Yano, who presided over the trial, which was cited by the public broadcaster NHK.

The judge emphasized that mental state allows the accused to be held responsible for these murders, noting that these acts are “extremely serious” and that “the dignity” of the victims has been “crushed”.

Shirazi approached his victims on Twitter, telling them he could help them plan to commit suicide and even die next to them.

The accused was also tried for dismemberment of its victims and their storage in freezers at his small apartment in Zama, a suburb southwest of Tokyo, which police discovered on October 31, 2017.

Japan’s Twitter was not immediately available for comment.

According to Japanese media, Shirazi had stated before his trial that, even if he was sentenced to death, will not appeal.

The most recent execution in Japan took place a year ago. The executioner was a Chinese man convicted of killing four members of a family in southwestern Japan in 2003.