Tom Cruise outburst during the filming of “Mission: Impossible 7” for violation of measures for the coronavirus

Tom Cruise broke out after seeing the violation of the measures for the coronavirus during the shooting of the movie “Mission: Impossible 7”, threatening with dismissal those who do not follow the rules.

The angry outburst of the protagonist and producer of the film took place in front of 50 members of the crew, on set in Britain, according to the Sun, which first published the audio document.

The authenticity of the audio was confirmed by two sources close to the production, according to the New York Times. One of the sources said that Tom Cruise was talking to members of the film crew, about a violation of the protocols for the coronavirus, during the shooting in London.

The actor apparently got angry when he saw two crew members standing together on a computer screen, violating the rule for keeping distances on set, according to the Sun. It is not known exactly when this happened, but production on the film has been ongoing in the UK since early December.

In his outburst, which included several insults, Tom Cruise threatened to fire those who do not comply with the measures for the coronavirus. “I do not want to see this again! Never! “And if you do, you will be fired!” He said characteristically.

“I talk on the phone with every studio, with insurance companies and producers and they look at us, they use us to make their own movies. “We’re creating thousands of jobs!” Tom Cruise told crew members, according to the Sun.

“No excuse. You can tell this to people who are losing their homes because our industry is closed. “This will not bring food to their table, nor will it pay for their studies,” he continued in his outburst.

“I sleep with this thought every night. The future of this global industry “, he added. “We will not stop this gay movie! It is understandable; If I see it again, you are gone “, he clarified to the members of the crew. “Do you understand your responsibility?”, He asked them and at another point he said: “If we stop this will cost people’s jobs, their home, their family. This is happening”.

Filming for the film had stopped in Venice in February due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country and resumed in September. Filming has since taken place in Italy, Norway and Britain, according to Reuters. Production stopped again in October, when 12 members of the crew on set in Italy tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Variety.

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