Thriller with the disappearance of the 22-year-old mother in Piraeus

The thriller of her disappearance continues young mother Georgia Kokkoni, who disappeared from her home on November 12 in the afternoon, from the area of ​​Maniatika to Piraeus. According to the information available to the authorities, the woman left her house after first locking her baby inside the house and leaving her keys at the front door.

A little while later, her husband arrived and searched for her in vain. Before reporting her disappearance to the local police station, she searched for homes where she could be accommodated. However, the efforts were fruitless. According to the latest data, it seems that there are some testimonies of people who claim to have seen the young mother after the activation of Silver Alert, where her details were made public.

The woman left her home without taking her mobile phone, except for her ID and a bank account booklet.

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