They had to wait for it because the message had been sent

From the moment PAOK was at the top and felt his breath on their necks, they activated their dirty behind-the-scenes mechanism to take his breath away, so that they could walk undisturbed to win the title.

Did they catch them sleeping? I would not say that. Because after what has happened, they should be prepared and have their minds. The dirty “sect” would strike like last year and the year before and older and as it will do in the long run, because it is both powerful and ruthless and has deep roots. Besides, she had sent her “message” this time, which unfortunately was not taken seriously by the commanders of the biceps.

Unless they got it and did not find a way to protect the team. Of course, apart from the fact of the sure reaction that would exist, from the moment when PAOK was within breathing distance of the first place and therefore they had to get rid of its annoying presence, they had strong indications as well as evidence for a possible blow.

Which was evident through the actions of KED, the strange definitions and the yellowing of the players of the team with easy cards. The curator of the legend of Tritsonis, absolute responsible for the definitions of the Greeks and a volunteer crutch of the English chief referee, is a chef. Which, little by little, after the first painful surprises that existed and the proper behavior of Clattenberg, he took care in his own way to get him where he needed to be. So, after the wild red and white bowling and the strict and … tough veteran English referee, he landed – we would not call it abnormal – where the great caliph wanted him.

Thus the duo without disagreements, hand in hand leads the championship and the title with similar definitions in a specific direction. So we have and we say: Yesterday the choice of the Dutch butcher has the blessing of the chief referee (obviously the order from somewhere else) and the corresponding VARista as it was revealed to leave the world speechless. And we say speechless because he was informed that he is the same one who participated in another game, in the same role and spent a week “hosted” in the capital with unknown companies, of course, and for the same unknown reasons. This duo took over the derby. In order not to tire you, we simply mention that the results of their cooperation were embossed and confirmed, we unequivocally believe that they came and undertook a business, which was intended to help and exterminate accordingly.

Regarding the message mentioned above, it is none other than the one sent with the duo Fotia – Koumbaraki and the two prominent anti-PAOK players for a number of years, supervisors in the last game of the championship in Toumba. In this match, as we all saw, the loss of points was avoided with the impressive and catalytic “intervention” of Tzolis. However, PAOK paid a price because one of its players was sent off, and in fact a key player with a red card and several unjustified yellow cards, as happened in all previous games.

We do not need to refer to our persistent remarks and our efforts to constantly highlight all the behind-the-scenes interventions and cooking that take place in the well-known and smelly stall of arbitration. Already everything that is done is done provocatively and with audacity, proving that the “sect” is not afraid and does not count on anyone. At the moment, PAOK is being attacked from everywhere and we honestly do not know how it will manage to deal with this situation. Last year, the conspiracy of multi-ownership was set up in the context of the effort to stop PAOK.

This year, after the mobilization of Clattenburg and the massacre in the derby, Karapapas also comes to set a new miserable scene with an obvious reason for destabilization and disorientation of public opinion. We are honestly talking about unexplained situations that go beyond the logical framework. At the moment we see that it is not the club itself that complains that its player was a target or a victim of redemption, but the representative of another team!

Regardless and regardless of any connection between the two clubs. We do not know how this outrageous situation will be dealt with and most importantly if the official PAOK is able to step on the machinists and slanderers this time. It has already been officially announced that lawsuits and lawsuits will be filed and that PAOK will take the issue with Karapapas to the end.

In conclusion, I would like to say my opinion regarding the announcement of the PAE, which denounces the creation of a new shack. I will disagree on the point that a new one is created, since in its place the old one remains upright and omnipotent, just as the legendary “uncle” set it up. No one ever dared to touch her. The big culprit in this case is considered to be the northern Helladic president of the EPO, Vangelis Grammenos, who helped with his timidity to keep all the lamoya in place and with the new situation of … consolidation.

YG1: My soul is tightening. Yes, I feel great sadness and grief when I think of the problem facing young Musa Uage, trying to help his team avoid the consequences of an apparent defeat. A corrupt and dirty referee on the one hand and a young child with a pure soul being sacrificed for his team. Unfortunately, life has these. Some scammers to be easily justified in the field of football and others to deposit what is beautiful and ideal in their souls.

YG2: I was particularly impressed by the “behavior” of specific PAOK reporters, who unfortunately playing the role of balancer were “hated” by others, blatantly wronging the team. Strange, inexplicable but also reprehensible offsets.

YG3: True, the salaried employee who has the responsibility to protect the team from the illegal smuggling in the background has what to say with his own ignorance and absence of the scandal of the VARista definition, who took a vacation in Athens and was appointed in three consecutive games in in a week;