They fined a cancer patient returning from chemotherapy

An elderly cancer patient in Thessaloniki received a fine of 300 euros while returning from treatment, as her daughter reported on ANT1 television.

The 75-year-old regularly undergoes chemotherapy and for this reason travels regularly from Veria to Thessaloniki in a specially designed vehicle of a private company, which allows her to travel in her wheelchair.

The driver, the co-driver-injured driver, the 75-year-old and her daughter were in the vehicle. As the latter describes, her mother had undergone chemotherapy and was returning to Veria, when a traffic officer stopped at their toll booths.

Although the young woman explained to him, as she says, the situation, the policeman insisted that there were too many in the vehicle and the patient brought a health booklet instead of an ID. “We were trying to explain to him for half an hour, he was so apathetic,” the young woman complained.

Finally, the police officer confirmed a fine of 300 euros to everyone without accepting the referrals and examinations that were shown to him as supporting documents, adding that in case they disagree with the fine, they should file an objection.

(Upd 12:40) A few hours later it was announced that the four fines would be written off. The incident happened on Friday, December 11 and on Monday, December 14, the objection of the two was examined by the competent committee.

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