They “empty” the shops in the commercial streets of Athens

There are many health stores that have not opened since the first lockdown. A typical example is a “well-known” store of health interest in Kolonaki which operated 3-4 months from the opening day and has been closed since March, with the business owners stating that they do not know if they will reopen and if it is in their interest to keep the business or join the bankruptcy code. A similar situation occurs in a busy store of sanitary interest on Omirou Street with a multi-year operation where the owner has now posted a sign for rent.

Writes the president of E-Real Estates, Themis Bakas

At the same time, there were many health stores that have not yet managed to pay 60% of the monthly rent for the months of the first lockdown, with the owners not having accepted any negotiation to reduce the rent and at the same time count losses even 10 months, while entrepreneurs were forced to close their business in order not to increase debts and / or the most daring for the current data to relocate – to move their business to areas with lower rents, as recently conducted by a well-known health store which operated on Valaoritou Street.