“They are turning Greece into a Parliamentary Dictatorship”

Anger from SYRIZA and MERA25 for the lifting of immunity Polaki, Adamopoulou. “Opposition MPs” spoke of a “peculiar democratic diversion”.

In the midst of high tones and strong reactions from him SYRIZA and DAY25, was voted in favor today by the plenary of the Parliament, the waiver of immunity of Members Pavlou Polakis and Angeliki Adamopoulou.

Specifically, 184 deputies voted in favor of lifting the immunity of P. Polakis, while against 109. For Ms. Adamopoulou, the votes were 162 in favor, against 116 against.

It is recalled that the publisher and journalist Giannis Kourtakis has filed a defamation lawsuit against Pavlos Polakis, on the occasion of the posting of the former deputy minister. It is noted, however, that a similar request was sent to Parliament three months ago. At that time, the committee was in favor of lifting the immunity of the former minister, however, the plenary session of the Parliament had rejected the request.

“Puppets in a puppet show”

Speaking today in Parliament, Mr. Polakis launched an attack on both New Democracy and G. Kourtakis. He also accused the deputies of New Democracy that they are crawling behind G. Kourtakis who puts them to vote again on the same issue, characterizing them as “puppets” in a puppet theater. However, the report of the parliamentary representative of N.D. caused an alginate impression. Giannis Bougas, who essentially accused P. Polakis of Gebelism.

“Proposal contrary to the Constitution”

During the meeting, SYRIZA raised an incidental issue on the grounds that the application is introduced contrary to the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament and the Constitution, and is part of an operation to criminalize political speech. The MPs of the official opposition even connected the case of Ms. Adamopoulou with the preliminary investigation against the three political leaders – SYRIZA, the general secretary of the KKE and the secretary of MERA25 – for their participation in the honorary events of November 17th.

George Katrougalos, pointed out that the “irresponsible” and “unpunished” of the deputies, is institutional guarantees for the protection of the freedom of speech of the Member. He pointed out that the MP of MERA25 made one political crisis, when he said from the floor of Parliament that in demonstrations that deviate from their purpose we see police officers with political participation in the incidents – and this, whether it is true or not, is a political crisis and is not directed against the honor of any particular person.

George Katrougalos also testified in the minutes, established case law, according to which the crime of defamation collectively against a group of persons is not substantiated. “ND’s obsession seems obvious political expediency, if the current ones are connected with the preliminary investigation for the leaders of the parties of the left. “It is obvious that we as a Parliament cannot tolerate the restriction of the fundamental rights of the deputies that are already guaranteed by the French Revolution”, said George Katrougalos.

The secretary and parliamentary representative of SYRIZA – PS, Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, accused the rulers that they have turned the Parliament “into a watchdog of publishing and business interests”. He also noted that “we are in a condition of a peculiar democratic diversion and in view of an operation by the government and the coalition to build a bourgeois state. The moment of this operation is also what is happening in the Parliament today “.

“Today it is abusively reintroduced with obvious political expediency because the deputies of N.D. may have neglected to come to Parliament or disagreed with the SW line. Therefore, the Parliament should continue to vote until Mr. Mitsotakis is satisfied, that is, to lift the immunity of Mr. Polakis in the case with Mr. Kourtakis “, he stated characteristically, adding that” here is a question of the credibility of the House and the dignity of Members of Parliament so that we do not allow this collapse of parliamentarism “.

“It is inconceivable that the reports of MPs from the floor of Parliament become the subject of legal proceedings. “Something similar did not happen not only during the post-government period, but not even in the years before the dictatorship, when the deregulation of political normalcy had already begun,” said the former Speaker of Parliament. Nikos Voutsis.

“The revision of Article 62 was aimed at reducing the unpunished, not at eliminating him for his political activity and the duties of a Member, and therefore at eliminating the whole of Article 62, as the hard core of duties is covered by the irresponsible Article 61.” said Nina Kasimati.

“Personal extermination”

For her part, the MP of MERA25, Angeliki Adamopoulou, stated that they are trying to kill her personally, while the speech of the party leader was harsh, Giannis Varoufakis, as well as an announcement of the Movement after the end of the meeting.

Angeliki Adamopoulou said that the complaint is manifestly unfounded and abusive, lacks a logical legal, moral basis, as well as any decision to waive her immunity. “In case the majority decides to adopt the serious interpretative errors that I deconstructed with my speech, fatal will violate the constitutionally inviolable “and will put itself outside the constitutional legitimacy”, said Angeliki Adamopoulou. He stressed that the position of MERA25 is to go to the prosecutor any other offenses, except those that are part of the parliamentary duties of the MP.

Also, MERA25 spoke about the gradual transformation of the country into “parliamentary dictatorship“which does not close the Parliament but de facto abolishes Parliamentarism following the model of Erdogan and Orban which provides, as a first step, the abolition of the constitutional right of freedom of speech of the deputies”.

“Even the fact that the issue of the waiver of the immunity of Angeliki Adamopoulou reached the Parliament for discussion, because she was sued by the Union of Greek Police Officers of Central Macedonia for her statement from the floor of Parliament, is diversion from the most basic principle of Parliamentarism: the non-prosecution of MPs for submitting opinions, especially from the floor of the Parliament “, the party also commented, while referring to the position of G. Varoufakis in the sitting of the Parliament” who suggested the lifting of the immunity of Angeliki Adamopoulou “, noting that” freedom of speech only makes sense if it guarantees the right to MPs to say things that some do not want to hear “.

“The fact that the statement of Ms. Adamopoulou, for which she was sued, was absolutely correct and substantiated is not the issue. The issue is bugaboo exercised in the freedom of speech of Members. Of all the deputies! “, MERA25 also stressed.