Thessaloniki: KTEL Macedonia caught fire for transporting parcels HELLAS

The people of Thessaloniki have turned to the traditional way of transporting parcels by KTEL, in an attempt to send the parcels to the destination they want, since the transport companies are unable to serve the people on holiday eves due to the huge volume of parcels, as a result of the lockdown.

“The increase in the volume of parcels that must be transported by KTEL is unprecedented compared to other years. “There were always more parcels on the eve of holidays, but this year they are different”, explains to the president of the Intercity Bus Station “Macedonia” Giannis Lambrou.


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Boxes of food, clothes, toys and everything else imaginable fill the warehouses of the intercity bus station, which at a relatively low price will arrive at its destination on time.

“The same-day delivery is something that led many people to bring their parcels to the KTEL to arrive on time”, points out Mr. Lambrou.

In fact, there are not a few times that extra routes have been included in order to make the transfer of goods possible.

“Because the people who travel by buses are limited due to the measures, so far an additional bus has arrived in order to serve the transport of parcels”, the president of the Thessaloniki KTEL, Stefanos Tsolis, tells

According to him, the increase in parcel traffic that has been observed so far is between 10% and 20% and no one knows if it will peak in the coming days, that is, as we approach Christmas.

Unimaginable reduction of itineraries

Last year, during such a period, the bus station “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki was buzzing with life. Students who left or returned, trips to relatives in anticipation of holidays or even for shopping in the market of Thessaloniki.

This year nothing resembles that period, since only those who have a serious written excuse can travel.

“There is a big drop in all routes. “Parcel handling may be a breath of fresh air, but it can not equal the turnover of December, which was traditionally one of the best months”, says Giannis Lambrou.

The numbers, no, seem relentless. As Stefanos Tsolis characteristically says, in such a period the routes of the KTEL Thessaloniki had up to 35 routes to and from Athens, while now they barely reach six.
“It is a difficult year that unfortunately we do not know how it will end”, says the president of KTEL Thessaloniki.