The woman who caused outrage when she beheaded an owl was killed outside her house

A few months ago he had caused outrage over the beheading of an owl in a video on social media. The woman is now dead from shots fired at Colombia.

The 221-year-old was killed by a man riding a motorcycle outside her house in the city of Corozal on Sunday afternoon, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Six months ago it was called “the killer of the owl “after the sick video was posted on the internet. The woman had then posed with the dead bird, holding the head and body in one hand.

On Sunday, two men on a motorcycle appeared outside her home and one of them fired six shots at her. Aldana was taken to the hospital by her relatives but it was found that she was already dead when she arrived.

Last June, she became known throughout Latin America through videos and photos showing her killing owl.

The police interrogated her after the intervention of the Colombian environmental service and an investigation was launched against her for animal abuse.