The White House “whistles indifferently” for Biden’s victory

What if the outgoing president has received widespread denials in an attempt to overturn the election result in court, what if Republicans conceded defeat? The White House has its own line.

White House spokeswoman Kylie McEnani declined to comment on the Republican Senate’s evening announcements, saying President Trump remains committed to the legal battle for the election.

“The president is still dealing with the ongoing legal process related to the elections. “Yesterday’s vote was a step in the constitutional process and I leave it to the president to deal with it,” he said. He added that he has not spoken to Donald Trump since McConnell’s statements

The debate is taking place in the shadow of current developments in the Senate, where Republican leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged the victory of Joe Biden and congratulated him on his election, as well as on the election of Kamala Harris as vice president.

Of course, the final election result was preceded by 306 votes to 232 by Trump from the college of voters. To date, despite the gradual finalization of results in the states, Mitch McConnell has denied pressure to acknowledge the victory of Joe Biden, claiming that Donald Trump had the right to take legal action against the election result.

So at the end of a 10-minute speech to the Senate in which he praised Donald Trump, McConnell said, “Today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden,” to whom he acknowledged that he has been in his service. nation for many years “.

He added that he would like “a different result” in the November election, but said Americans should be “proud to have a female vice president for the first time.”

Mitch McConnell, like many other Republicans, had no choice, as apart from the Electoral College, the Democratic nominee’s victory was upheld by all the courts to which Donald Trump’s campaign sought to overturn the election result.

The outgoing president, for his part, insists on baseless allegations of fraud, with a new “tweet”, which, however, Twitter has marked as “questionable”.