The US is shaping the framework of the West’s relations with Turkey

This is not the first time this has happened, and not just in Turkey. In all the major international problems, from the time of the Wars in the former Yugoslavia, Europe was unable to show determination and followed in the footsteps of Washington.

This reality was accepted by the EU in the most formal way at the last Summit, the conclusions of which unequivocally state that: “The EU will seek to coordinate on issues concerning Turkey and the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean with the US”.

The outgoing president Donald Trump could not finally prevent the imposition of sanctions against Turkey, which were announced on Tuesday night. The American system worked autonomously, apart from any personal sympathy Trump has for the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

His new government Joe Biden will start US-Turkish relations from this starting point next month.

This decision is now also a point of reference for the European Union, which will either have to formulate a position in relation to Turkey until the Summit in March, or will continue the current reluctant tactic, which they want to serve their own interests. countries, leaving the US to become the “bad cop”.

For its part, Ankara, in addition to the long-awaited harsh statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, does not seem to seek a complete rupture in its relations with the United States, but in the logic of equal partners and not with the prospect of taking over. again the role of the advanced outpost of the West on the eastern front, as it was in the past. Whether the United States will accept this treaty is another matter, but Ankara has already taken some steps to prepare for the emerging new Biden era, which we presented in our previous analysis (see Erdogan’s shift from US to US).

In any case, the road to US-Turkish relations will be long, rugged and very interesting.

Turkey has been moving in uncharted waters for a long time and its current course has no reference points in the past. Erdogan’s behavior, which is often incomprehensible to Western analysts, is considered an extreme and risky absurdity that threatens to “blur” the whole region. to pay the corresponding price.

In this light, the decisions that the United States is called upon to make in relation to Turkey are crucial not only for their bilateral relations, but also decisive for Turkey’s position in the Western security system, with any implications for peace. and stability‚Ķ