The transfer of December, puts ideas in Martins for AEK

And suddenly: Many different fronts in the big port. At a point where a match that took place just yesterday already looks… stale. A little bit of the Europa League draw, a little bit of the countdown with AEK and even more what has been happening since the early hours of the morning with the complaint of Costas Karapapas have changed the agenda with summaries. For all of us of course. Not for Pedro Martins.


For the Portuguese who since yesterday has been saying this about his team and its adaptation to the very difficult conditions of Lamia. The way he handled a match that looked like trouble. But that did not turn out to be exactly because Olympiacos did not allow it. The first really fast goal of this season (Bouhalakis 13΄) in all competitions. Maturity in its management. And the way the… account was closed before we got to the break was a series of “facts” that made the 50-year-old find his smile again. After a while.

Key to all this: The December transfer. Thiago Silva. He showed something with Volos in a few minutes. He showed even more yesterday in his first participation in the 11th team. A central midfielder with features that complement the midfield equation. Mind “10” in body “8”. Creator from the back belt. Someone who wants to see the team in front of him. With plenty of assists and goals in his career (31 + 31 in 274 assists). And with great motivation to succeed at Olympiakos. Forrest did not even discuss letting him go. But he wanted something else in his career. And this thing does not hide that he has found it in the port. Even if he had to go through a lot of adventures. A minor injury, a mandatory period of abstinence due to covid. A situation that became… bigger due to the fact that coming late did not fit in the European list.

Martins in the half and put the .20 thought very seriously to adapt the season 3 on various variants of the 4-3-3. In the process, he lost Guillermo, but with Embila, Pepe and Thiago Silva, he filled his axis too much. It formed a very interesting rotation. And mostly he filled his quiver with different “arrows”. The fact that so far the two Portuguese could not join the team was a “silent” problem that forced their compatriot to put this plan aside. Now they both come to the fore. With Silva clearly looking more prepared. And to put ideas even for the day after tomorrow’s match in OAKA.

Fortounis and Kamara return. But it is not at all unlikely to see 4-3-3 with Embila, Bouhalaki and Thiago Silva. A treaty that forces the two to look for another door for the eleven. There is no test yet. Tomorrow will be the first eleven adjustment in Rentis. However, the idea of ​​data is registered in the notes of the technical team for the match with Carrera’s team. And he has “football” reasons to stay at the table.

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