The touching farewell to her “brother” Emmanuel Koutsoureli

With a touching post on Facebook the Eleni Psychouli said goodbye to the director-radio producer Emmanuel Koutsoureli who passed away at the age of 62.

She wrote in her post, posting an older photo of them together: “Goodbye my brother.
On this trip you will travel light. Traces from 34 years we shared, will all stay here. Your letters on the CD covers, the music from our parties, the view from our holiday homes, the paths we walked, the sky over the Cairo bridge when we first met, thousands of souvenirs of travel in the drawers, the garden of Platanias , our quarrels that you were always late for appointments,
the girls you loved and fell in love with, your marks on the soul of your baptism, laughter and disagreements, conspiracies and stubbornness, the Bee, the king pie recipe, the taste of the spaghetti with minced meat you cooked for us, a candle in a chapel and a I wish you success 14 years ago when you threatened us that you would leave, the miracle, the miracle that you did not claim a second time. The alphabet of Friendship that we spelled together, a bright font to illuminate us where it will never be dark “.

Earlier Third Program of ERT, where he had worked for years as a radio producer, announced his own farewell post on Facebook.

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