The son of the shipowner Leventakis to the prosecutor

First entry: Wednesday, 16 December 2020, 12:51

Zougla Newsroom

As active and silent as the son of the well-known shipowner and his accomplice were yesterday afternoon who attacked a 32-year-old man in Peristeri, so many “sphinxes” were in the police officers who arrested them after injuring a 32-year-old man with a gun. , former boxer, outside car yard.

Throughout the night, the “bully” son of the shipowner did not speak to the police of the Security Sub-Directorate of West Attica. He could not justify either the blood or the iron fist found inside the car. A resident of the area where the car park is located is said to have retained some characteristics of the vehicle with which the two people escaped from Dodecanese Street. He then gave the details to the police, who made searches.

A little while later, the car was located in the area of ​​Haidari. What he had done “feathers” was the weapon with which they allegedly shot the victim of the attack in the knee, also marked by the police.

According to the information that the Security police managed to gather, the 33-year-old son of the shipowner is said to be the one who shot the former boxer, while his accomplice hit him with the iron fist. However, the fact that the detainees, although they did not have their characteristics covered, was not identified by the victim, despite the persistent questions of the police, made an impression.

“It seems that there is some personal or financial difference between them, which they did not want to talk about. “They have the opportunity to do it in Justice, otherwise they will suffer the consequences of the law,” a police officer who dealt with the case told

It is noted that the young man had recently participated in a reality show on Greek television.

The two young men were taken to the prosecutor on Wednesday morning, while a video from the scene of the attack, which most likely recorded the incident, will be added to the case file.

The prosecutor prosecuted them for grievous bodily harm, illegal possession of weapons and use of firearms. Both were referred to an investigator from whom they requested and were given a deadline to apologize on Friday morning.

As stated by Vassilis Kapernaros, lawyer of the accused:

“My principal denies what is attributed to him. The victim does not even recognize him. “

It is noted that there was a slight tension in the courts, when people from the circle of the arrested attacked the journalists and the TV crews.

The bloody incident

The incident occurred shortly after 16:00 on Tuesday 15/12, in Peristeri and specifically outside a car park on Dodecanese Street.

The perpetrators ambushed a man of Albanian origin as he was leaving a car park.

The perpetrators, who were riding in a car, stopped, hit him with an iron fist and then one of them shot him in the leg.

The man went to the Attica hospital alone, slightly injured.