The signs today, December 16: Capricorn, avoid the need to control others

Moon squared with Mars brings nervousness and mood for confrontation

The Moon is still in Capricorn, issues of a professional nature will come to the fore. Beware of authoritarian tendencies, in discussions it will be good to have compromise and not assertiveness. There will be openings that will help make commitments and finalizations.

Her meeting Moon with Pluto may bring to the surface psychological complexes, it will be necessary to become optimistic reasoning. Beware of power games, some will try to impose themselves and maintain control of the situation, it is possible that there will be conflicts.

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Krie, the day gives you the opportunity to realize which people are trying to limit your family environment. The reactions will be intense on your part if you do not manage to control your nerves and move smartly and methodically for yourself.

Professional – financial

You have the opportunity to close financial cases that concern you intensely. It is possible to claim the best for yourself in the professional field, as you feel that the time has come to get what you deserve and it will satisfy you completely.

Try to spend beautiful moments with your partner leaving aside possible conflicts due to the tension you have from external factors. If you are single / it is likely that a new acquaintance will gain your attention, just try to leave the insecurities out of context otherwise they will create problems.


Taurus, you focus your attention on your material and emotional needs. You can close financial issues will help you feel safe and gain your confidence. Enjoy the moments with people you can trust

Professional – financial

Financial issues and pending issues may concern you, but you have the opportunity to provide the best possible solutions for you. Take advantage of potential opportunities to increase your income, but at the same time make sure that there are no wastes that will create problems in your budget.

You have the opportunity to create the right atmosphere in your relationship and enjoy a highly romantic candlelit dinner for two. This will be ideal to intensify feelings and needs. If you are single, try not to get caught up in insecurities and fears that may hinder the development of a new acquaintance.


Giving, you are given the opportunity to star in whatever environment you find yourself with the dynamism and courage they characterize. You will do well not to be subjective because that will be enough to create problems in important relationships for you.

Professional – financial

The determination you show in your professional life works favorably in terms of new goals or collaborations that you have. Try not to impose your wishes on partners and enter into a dialogue process that will help you maintain the necessary balance.

You need to express feelings and thoughts to your partner, try to break free from the egoism that will create tensions. If you are single, it is important to use your temperament to impress the person you are interested in. You can conquer the object of your desire.


Cancer, the day is not excluded to create tension and underground conflicts with people from your environment. Try not to hurt anyone with your behavior, but at the same time you should not tolerate authoritarian behaviors that do not cover you.

Professional – financial

You have the opportunity to work on a team level and to promote goals and dreams that you have. It is important to avoid possible conflicts with partners as you feel that they are trying to impose their wishes by not caring about what really expresses you.

You feel that your partner wants to control you and this can lead to intense conflict situations that you should avoid. Make sure you keep your balance by showing your true feelings. If you are single, there is likely to be a new person coming into your life to emphasize the need to radically change the way you handle love.


Leo, the day brings to the surface situations of the past that may still hurt you. Try not to be influenced in your daily actions as problems can extend to the work environment.

Professional – financial

Strong emotions can lead to mistakes in the work environment, so it is necessary to be completely focused on your movements. People at work can work behind the scenes against you, something that will deeply disappoint you.

Do not allow past situations to affect your relationship in a negative way. Take care to show the feelings he has for your partner, leaving aside possible fears that bother you. If you are unattached through the professional environment, a new person can emerge who will give a strong feeling that he has come to radically change your daily life.


Virgo, the day gives you the feeling that it is time to deal with issues in a friendly environment. Try to counter authoritarian tendencies and control tendencies do not leave room for balance with your friends.

Professional – financial

You are given the opportunity to focus on business and legal issues that concern you in your professional life. Dynamism and optimism will lead to the right moves that will work best for you.

It is important to enjoy moments of joy and optimism with your partner that will take off the relationship and make the emotions more intense than ever, do not miss the opportunity. If you are single, the new person comes into your life to discover that it is time to review your personal worldview and your future course.


Libra, the day may bring to light underground situations that occur in your professional life. Make sure you keep a low profile, showing maturity and composure towards people who want to limit and control you.

Professional – financial

You can use the day to close financial matters as the day leads you in this direction. Your support in possible financial agreements can be people from the family environment who will be next to you and will fill you with confidence.

You strongly feel the need to get closer than ever with your partner as you want to become one with him. Do not hesitate to show it because you will get what you want. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person coming into your life to take off your passion and sensuality.


Scorpio, the day can increase the intensity vertically with faces of your wider environment. Avoid possible conflicts and conflicts that will spoil the beautiful atmosphere, it is necessary to show maturity and a cool approach to things.

Professional – financial

The day gives you the opportunity to settle possible disagreements with people you work with. Immediate perception of things and the need to communicate what you think will help to overcome the difficulties and get closer than ever to the professional result you want.

The need to be with your partner is greater than ever and that is enough to overcome any worries and doubts you may have. If you are single, the new acquaintance can come into your life as you magnetize with your communication skills and the passion you exude.


Sagittarius, the day can bring significant financial rivalries and agreements that interest you. Try to keep a low profile and take advantage of potential opportunities without controversy.

Professional – financial

You have the ability to close work cases that can cause you stress. Take advantage of potential opportunities that will be given to you to have discussions with people who can work in your favor in the financial field.

Everyday life can be stressful and affect your relationship, but pay proper attention to your partner to get away from the routine that can affect you. If you are single, you are given the opportunity to get in touch with people through the work environment that will get your attention.


Capricorn, the day can create significant problems in your interpersonal relationships. You need to avoid the pressure and the need to control others so that there are no strong reactions against you.

Professional – financial

You feel that the time has come to impose your wishes on associates and people involved in your professional life. It is better to put aside authoritarian tendencies and attitudes that will create more problems than expected.

You will do well to enjoy the moments with your partner without trying to impose opinions and mentalities that do not suit your personal life. If you are single, it is possible that a new person will come who will fill you with joy, make sure you give up all the fears that can get in the way of any development.


Aquarius, the day leads you to radically change daily routine. Of course, it is necessary to overcome fears and insecurities that come from the past and can be obstacles to your professional development.

Professional – financial

It is not excluded that there may be issues in the work environment that will concern you intensely as behind-the-scenes processes become an obstacle in your plans and this creates stress for you. It is important to overcome your own insecurities as this will help you better manage those who want to direct your development.

The need to get closer than ever with your partner creates the right atmosphere and takes romance to the next level in your relationship. If you are unattached / the person through the familiar friendly environment comes to emphasize that he came into your life to help you overcome the wounds of the past.


Pisces, today you need to get in touch with people in your family who will give you warmth and tenderness. Paying attention to mood swings does not allow you to be calm and see realistically and objectively how you should move in family matters.

Professional – financial

Possible conflicts develop in your professional life that you must manage calmly to avoid a rupture. Try to be restrained and do not return to emotional outbursts that lead to extreme behaviors in your career. The consequences will be unpleasant and it will not be easy to remedy.

By creating the right setting for two in your personal space, you have the opportunity to enjoy your partner and close cases that may bother your relationship. If you are unattached you will hardly be left to a new person coming into your life as insecurities prevail and do not allow you to function objectively.