“The refereeing was intended – There is a lot of thought in Panathinaikos”

KAE Panathinaikos issued an angry announcement, on the occasion of the tragic refereeing of the match against Real, which also formed the final winner.

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«At the beginning of the season, as the new management of Panathinaikos, we pledged to try to normalize our relations with the Euroleague, but always defending the interests and history of our team.

Until today, we have strictly adhered to it, despite the pointless and dangerous trip we were called to make in France, despite the questioning of the intervention of the Greek Government and its assistance in our effort to protect the health of our players and despite the improper treatment of our proposals for the health protocols, which were then adopted!

After the unjustified and important mistakes of the referees in yesterday’s match with Real Madrid, however, which deprived us of the victory, we must react respecting the history, the fans and the sponsors of our team.

Unfortunately, our confinement and the way the event has been structured in recent years, does not give us much room for reaction at this time, other than a written protest.

You ask us to protect the product by avoiding public positions, reviews and placements, but it is in public that the dangerous decisions that drag the sport and the organization are made.

You ask us to support the product and bring people and sponsors close to the event. However, in a match between two of the most historic teams in Europe, which should be an advertisement for the basketball we all want to upgrade, some did not live up to the circumstances and worthy of the history of the two clubs. Such blatant images can only have the opposite effect.

Gentlemen, Panathinaikos was, is and will be the main pillar, both financially and historically, of the organization in which it participates.

So respect his history, the world and his contribution to European basketball and our organization. Such behaviors offend not only Panathinaikos but also the entire European basketball, of which our club is one of the most important ambassadors for decades.

Panathinaikos closed and exceeded a century of life and continues… Everything else, be sure that at some point they end».

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