The real need of Panathinaikos for January Superleague Interwetten & Panathinaikos

For the first time in recent years, it seems (and we say it seems because in the PAE of Giannis Alafouzos the football decisions change from one day to another and depending on the … mood of the owner) that Trifylli has chosen the right path after a change coach and technical director, after a new change of cruising and philosophy. THE Panathinaikos, with the significant help of Laszlo Boloni, recognized, understood, found that his potential only has a satisfactory level, identified that the main problem for the tragic start in the league was the football irrational choice of Danny Pogiatos in the technical leadership.

The roster was not and is not for throwing

For the above reasons, then, it will not lead to the same mistake. That is, in a rave-xolone of the roster, mid-season and with the summer moves to reach ten! The solution to a competitive problem is not always transfers. It’s the job, it’s the rational management of things, it’s the change in psychology that continuous wins bring, just like the Greens have been doing in the last month.

When everyone was thirsty for … blood, we wrote that this roster is decent, that all new faces need time and above all a regular coach. The course of the team and the image on the grass in the first phase justify the calmer treatment of the difficult situation that the club was facing two months ago.

Yes, Trifylli does not have a roster that can claim the championship from Olympiakos, but it is not for being so many points away from the top and fighting for the fourth place that leads in Europe.

Data analysis shows central instrument

The arrival of Boloni and the … transfer of Pierre Dreosi to the position of sports director is logical and next to bring to the fore the reinforcement in the winter season. Let’s see what the data are in each position, so that the real need of Panathinaikos arises almost effortlessly, always keeping in mind that the Romanian coach has left aside the 4-4-2 and in the next games he will choose either 4-2-3-1 in the theoretically easiest games

Goalkeepers: Dioudis is the absolute number 1. He is having a very good year, he is crucial in his team’s victories and he inspires absolute confidence under the beams. The super talented Xenopoulos and Christogeorgos follow, so at the end Panathinaikos is completely covered.

Right back: Sanchez has covered a lot of lost ground, is showing significant improvement and seems to be a reliable solution. At the moment, the back up is Antonito who will return to the stadiums in 2021 after the health problem he faced. The Spaniard in his career so far has proved that he can offer more in the offensive part than the Argentine, he has performances from Primera and we should see him as a player. This is what they are waiting for in Trifylli …

Left back: Zagaritis is the pleasant surprise of the season, he has taken a basic jersey at home and he is … a weakness of Boloni. Juankar is the other left back, with the Iberian defender having played in a few games, in which he showed particularly creative good elements. Hatzitheodoridis is also in the process of returning, so here too Panathinaikos is … complete.

Central defenders: Another position, where Panathinaikos has a good level. Bart Senkefeld, Fran Veleth, Achilleas Pougouras and Fanis Mavrommatis are the four options, while Dimitris Kourbelis can also play in this position.

Central and staff means: In the derby with AEK and in the game with PAS, the trio of Mauricio, Kourbelis, Alexandropoulos worked excellently and has a lead in the wishes of the coach. From there on, there is Dimitris Serpezis who has lost ground, Giannis Bouzoukis who has minimal participation time, Andreas Athanasakopoulos who has not taken chances and Yassin Ayub who is … a fugitive, as he can not offer the slightest.

In the creative part, the presence of staff Vigiafanies has loosened the hands of Boloni, with the Argentine being the top ten in the mind of the Romanian at 4-2-3-1, in a position that can play both Bouzoukis and Carlitos .

Judging by the characteristics of the players that Panathinaikos has available in the midfield, what it lacks at the moment, where it would make sense to strengthen is in the position of Ayub, which is no longer counted. Since Serpezis does not seem ready to lift the weight and the Moroccan will leave, Trifylli will have to add a solution to 6-8.

A player who has a balance between defensive and offensive characteristics, to be able to play just as well outside both areas (box to box), to make it more specific, a player like Sahof of AEK or El Kantouri of PAOK.

Extreme: Either with 4-3-3 or with 4-2-3-1, the eleven fits two extremes. Panathinaikos currently has players who can play the position in a different way, as they have different characteristics. The leader Vigiafanies, Aitor who is slowly showing his quality, Savier who may not be a fantasy but has substance in his game and of course Tassos Hatzigiovanis are the players that Boloni counts on. Molos will hardly play again while it is questionable what will be the management of Emmanouilidis who has asked to leave in January.

Each team should have four extremes. Two for left and two for right. If we put in the equation that 4-2-3-1 will be the formation and that Vigiafanies will be the staff, then there are three options left. Maybe Panathinaikos could make a move there, although logic says that it should play the … card of Emmanouilidis, to give him space and time to develop, just as he did in the past with Hatzigiovanis.

Center for: T4-4-2 entered the … closet. A forward in the eleven. Carlitos and Makenda are very good choices while there are alternatives between Kampetsis and Ioannidis. There is no reason to discuss this post with existing data.