The primary budget deficit in the 11 months of 2020 is at 13.80 billion euros

Completely derailment has led the state budget the pandemic with primary deficit in the period January – November 2020 to be formed in 13.80 billion euros, against a primary surplus of 6.94 billion euros in the same period in 2019.

According to the execution data of the state budget, on a modified cash basis, for the period January – November 2020, is presented deficit in the state budget balance of 18.313 billion euros compared to a surplus of 1.922 billion euros in the corresponding period of 2019.

The height of net income of the state budget amounted to 42.065 billion euros. The total state budget revenues amounted to 47.129 billion euros. Revenue returns amounted to 5.065 billion euros. Revenues from the Public Investment Budget (PIP) amounted to 4.850 billion euros.

The expenses of the state budget for the period January – November 2020 amounted to 60.377 billion euros.

The regular budget arm moved in the opposite direction, showing an increase of 233 million euros compared to the target. The main cause of this deviation is the over-execution by 337 million euros against the initially foreseen funds of the repayable advance measure, with payments of 3.905 billion euros.

In addition, the smooth running of payments for pandemic measures, the main ones of which are:

The under-execution of the EDP by 1 billion euros in the eleven months is due to projects not related to the pandemic and is located mainly in the national part, which had an under-execution by 801 million euros.

The expenses of the state budget for the period January – November 2020 are increased compared to the corresponding period of 2019 by 13.8 billion euros, with the largest increase in the part of transfers and the EDP, mainly due to the aforementioned measures COVID-19.

State budget expenditures in November 2020 amounted to 8.5 billion euros and are reduced by 159 million euros against the target (8.67 billion euros), mainly due to the under-execution of the PDP.