The platform for the heating allowance opens – The process in detail until the January payments | ECONOMY

From 80 euros minimum to 650 euros maximum, will receive the beneficiaries of the heating allowance, which for the first time has the peculiarity that it is not limited to those who use oil but also covers natural gas and wood pellets for mountainous and sparsely populated areas.

The AADE platform, well done, will open next year Tuesday or Wednesday and the steps are as follows:

  • the beneficiaries enter the platform with the Taxis codes
  • choose their settlement, among the approximately 13,000 for whom temperatures have been recorded, which this year will be the “key” for calculating the allowance. In case they do not find their settlement they will choose the indication “other” and their allowance will be calculated based on the average of their municipality
  • will apply for the allowance and co-submit all available invoices by the time the application is submitted
  • the platform will close on January 10 and then the system will algorithmically calculate the allowance of the applicant

Payments in January

Payments will be made in January. And this year, in order to receive the full allowance, one must have bought fuel at least double the value. Those who have covered all the necessary invoices will receive the full allowance to which they are entitled. The rest will have the opportunity to submit additional invoices until February-March, when the platform will reopen and thus receive the remaining bonus.

Especially for gas consumers, where the bills are issued on a monthly basis, the platform will open for the third time in April-May, so that the final settlement can take place.