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THE Mars in the derby he was mediocre. He had the soul, the passion, the will to win, the basic characteristics to win a derby of eternity but he deposited small quantities of quality in the four lines of the field.

THE Mars won for the second time in a row in the regular season PAOK at its headquarters

For the second time is Mars the team that breaks the opponent’s undefeated.

THE Mars proved in the most eloquent way what has now been accepted by all football soccer public opinion, except Lacedaemonians for obvious reasons, that it has taken the air of the opponent whether it plays at home or away.

She respects him PAOK but she is not afraid of him, the confrontation with him does not cause him fear and panic and certainly the most important thing is that he has found a way to adapt to his own style of play, in his own field of tactics the derby of eternity!

His big profit Mars is that although mediocre came out the winner of the match and it is indeed very important to be able to win a derby without impressing with your overall performance.

THE PAOK he also appeared mediocre but did not manage to get even a point!

So if there is to be something wrong with the organization of Biceps and in fact it is serious the fact that a team 5 times more expensive than its opponent did not manage to impose itself on him once again and that once again its performance fluctuated at low levels!

Everything else … the peripherals have nothing to do with the substance but with the communication effort of the administration to disorient the people from the real competitive problems of the team for which it bears full responsibility.

It’s not his fault Mars nor those who follow for the fact that some in PAOK decided to baptize Garcia as the first coach !!!

It’s not his fault Mars and no one else for the fact that Dikefalos had the requirement to win the derby with three players in his lineup without experiences and performances of similar matches.

Another I support and insist on the new players and another I throw them into the sea to learn to swim.

Even if these talented guys managed to catch the eye of all of us in some crucial matches with their impressive performance, this does not mean that their performance has reached the level of lasting, nor does it mean that they have built their character to such an extent that to meet the special conditions of an eternal derby.

Much more to demand that they win the derby almost on their own!

As for the surroundings with the … set up and the … friendly, all this is nice for the cafes and the radios but in the collection of points they offer nothing.

If they want to continue the same sterile and inexpensive above all, politics their own issue. They will have offered the maximum in paraphilology and the minimum in their team.

Everyone with their choices. “The orphans walk and the widows are slaughtered”As the thymosophical people say!

THE Mars he was acquitted in the penalty phase that you were charged against and this is only the second time that var justifies him.

Every time he was acquitted he was with a foreign referee!

The first was in last year’s match with him Olympic at his headquarters with the hand of Sudani.

Since then countless times his players Mars asked the arbitrators to resort to the verdict of var for convictions but their request was never heard in any of the cases!

So set up arbitration, how else to characterize it to his detriment PAOK in a game where Augusto should have been sent off from the first 20 minutes of the match with two hulls and one elbow in the air.

Let’s stay PAOK with ten from the first part and with the infinite Cigarettes in its composition and we would see what the outcome of the match would be!

Ingason and Giannoulis in the first part did not even receive a remark !!!

Arbitration set up when the Bertolio is charged offside one meter behind his defender PAOK!!!

Arbitration set for the imposition of the penalty in his favor Mars, when hundreds of similar cases in all the stadiums of the world have brought about the similar decision of the referees and when the protesting team has won a penalty in identical phases !!!

His penalty Sundgren it was not but it was his Sasha in Tzoli at the beginning of the phase.

In development they want to say but objectivity does not allow them because at the beginning of the phase there is a clear offensive foul of Tzoli in Sasha!

Penalty in his hand Μπαγκαλιάνη but the previous double offensive foul did not come to their notice.

Not even the microscope justifies them!

But it justifies him Mars the essence of the case is his dominance in the derby!

And the effort made by the team will continue to be justified if in the near future it solves its problems related to the possession of the ball, the ups and downs in its performance Garcia , the maturity in Bertolio’s decisions and his decision to harden as a player by putting his feet on the fire and finally by adding an effective striker at the top of the attack.

PS: I am not going to dwell on everything that preceded the derby and made Thessaloniki buzz since the case has taken the path of justice.

But there is never smoke without fire even if we are talking about a flame from a match!

The only sure thing, however, is that everything that happened before affected his players Mars as a result of which they appear overly anxious in the match!