The nightmare of political cost

Should Greece have a dialogue with Turkey? Yes, say the prime minister, the foreign minister, most of the opposition parties. What kind of dialogue? From all the material as requested by Turkey and pressured by our partners in the European Union, but also by the American factor? No, the government and the official opposition answer, wanting dialogue only on the continental shelf and the EEZ. “No dialogue with the pirates,” shouts former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

The phrase of Konstantinos Karamanlis that “Greece chooses with its neighbors” was reminded by the sister of the Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis. As soon as the prime minister rejects the convening of the council of political leaders to discuss the issue and devise a national strategy, the burden of decisions falls on the government. Is there an understanding within the party? In no case. The differences are big. It appears from some of the Prime Minister’s interventions both abroad and in Greece that he would not object to entering into a dialogue with Erdogan without terms and conditions. He was criticized for these by both party officials and the opposition, which pointed out the contradiction between words and deeds. Gathered.

The right wing of the Right considers, and declares at every opportunity, that the dialogue with Turkey on all issues is a deadly trap that our country must avoid at all costs. He blames for a defeatist attitude those who have a different approach and threatens to react vigorously, ignoring the consequences. Its influence on both the government and the party and the wider audience is not negligible. In Makedoniko, he managed to drag Kyriakos Mitsotakis to an extreme position, with which he disagreed, as those who have known him for a long time claim. However, he was forced to follow the rejection line because he put the prime minister above all. Classic opportunism.

The so-called liberal wing of the New Democracy would have no problem with dialogue on all matters, but it avoids talking so as not to give rise to internal party unrest and prefers to deal with the uprooting of labor rights, the shrinking of the public sector, making eyebrows of BSE and compradors. Only former Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis articulates a different public discourse.

The prime minister is trying to keep his balance. Difficult case. Even the asshole craftsmen would have a hard time. He is not afraid of the assholes, he is afraid of the political cost. The ghost of 1993 (overthrow of his father by Ant. Samaras) does not leave him alone. His lack of psyche is the cause of the blatant contradictions. It calls on our partners to impose sanctions on Turkey, but says sanctions are not an end in themselves. He spreads urbi et orbi that he is predictable, but worries when European leaders see him as predictable.

The official opposition, which could play a leading role and take initiatives by offering support to policies that will ease tensions with Turkey, gives the impression that it wants to avenge Mr Mitsotakis for what he, his party and his party have done. the system in Makedoniko. It is human. Resentment endures more than ideals. However, as the honorary leader of the General Staff, Rear Admiral Antonis Antoniadis, states, confrontation in our region “(“The Journal of the Authors” 14-12-2020).


“Mr. Mitsotakis, there is money. The problem is different. “Where are you going?” George Papandreou asked, speaking in Parliament about the budget. It is the phrase that has haunted him since he said it as prime minister. His political opponents, in order to hurt him, took her away from his speech and left out the before and after. And so it was left to haunt him. Really, Mr. Papandreou does not know where the money will go? But in charities in favor of the. Suffering oligarchy that manages to cope.