The Municipality “ate” a fine because it employed more women than men

In the land of equality and democracy, we have heard that too. The French authorities imposed fine at the town hall of Paris arguing that too many women were hired in executive positions, a decision that caused great discomfort to the Socialist mayor, If Indalgo.

The fine of 90,000 euros imposed by Ministry of Public Sector of France on the grounds that the Paris City Hall violated gender equality rules to the staff of 2018.

“I am pleased to announce that we have been fined.” said ironically the If Indalgo, at a city council meeting, even noting that it felt great “joy” when he learned about the fines.

Ann Indalgo was held accountable for her appointment 11 women and only five men in administrative positions in the town hall of 2018, which means that 69% of the appointments concerned women.

“The town hall administration suddenly became too feminist”, said the Indalgo, who was re-elected mayor of Paris a year ago.

According to the text of the decision published by the French newspaper “Le Monde”, the city hall of Paris violated a rule dating back to 2013, according to which, a gender should not represent more than 60% in managerial positions.

“This fine is obviously absurd, unfair, irresponsible and dangerous”, argued the Socialist mayor noting that women in France should be promoted with “vigor” as “Lagging behind” in many parts of France.

“Yes, on the day we achieve parity, we need to accelerate the pace and ensure that more women than men are appointed.”, stressed in a serious manner this concerns her.


Ann Indalgo

Replying to Twitter, the Minister of Public Sector of France, Amelie de Monsalan, admitted that the fine imposed for jobs in town hall in 2018. Since then, o “unreasonable” this rule for equality in administrative positions abolished, stressed.

“I want the fine paid by Paris for 2018 to fund specific actions to promote women in public service. I invite you to discuss it! ” wrote in a message to the Socialist mayor of Paris.

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