The “Hapi End” ad with Anastasia Youssef was cut (vid) | Plus: Viral

Following consumer complaints to Consumers Association Quality of Life (EKPOIZO) for misleading them about the advertising communication of the product “HAPI END“, which belongs to the category of food supplements and in particular advertising”HAPI END Giousef Big Starι “και”HAPI END Giousef Are you shy? “, the association carried out the required investigation and submitted an application for control of the advertising communication to the “Communication Control Council” (TEU).

THE ΕΚΠΟΙΖΩ , as stated in its announcement, pointed out that, this communication is projected in violation of no. P 1551 of his Decision Communication Control Board (TEU), as they continue to report and use statements that the above Decision has explicitly decided should be amended and withdrawn to all media and materials that develop advertising communication (packaging, internet, third party websites). Specifically use the word “herbal erection aid “ in the advertisement but also in the website “S.helps maintain normal testosterone levelsς “,”It’s important for the immune system. “, “availability of herbal supplements for the sexual life of men and womenThese health claims and impressions of action and efficacy are not clear and substantiated, as the relevant regulatory framework strictly stipulates and therefore mislead consumers as to their supposed performance.

As reported by ΕΚΠΟΙΖΩ, «Proper and lawful consumer information is a fundamental right under consumer law and should not be circumvented through misleading and untrue communications and erroneous conclusions. Companies must, when selling their products, comply with the rules of Community and Greek law and the standards that have been established for the health and safety of consumers. In particular, the communication of products related to nutrition and health needs special attention, as, due to lack of specialized knowledge, any vague, incomplete or excessive claims can easily mislead consumers.ς ».

The TEU, following its request for control ΕΚΠΟΙΖΩ, sent a letter to Association of Private Television Stations National Scopeς (Ε.Ι.ΤΗ.Σ.Ε.Ε.) informing that the said communication is projected in violation of an earlier Decision of SCommunication Control Board (TEU), in order for the television stations to immediately stop broadcasting this communication (2 TV spots).