The “engineer’s nightmare” continues

In 50 ‘the road race for registrations in Attica was completed σα In the first 5’ about 10,000 applications were submitted το Incredible alalum with the “stuck” system ● Tomorrow the match is transferred to Central Greece and Peloponnese.

The “engineer’s nightmare” that goes by the name of a platform for applications in the “Save-Autonomy” program is moving to Central Greece and the Peloponnese tomorrow, while yesterday’s race for registration in Attica lasted 50 anxious minutes.

The electronic platform for Attica opened at 10.00 am. and within the first five minutes about 10,000 applications had been submitted to the system, according to the Ministry of Environment and Energy. But then, the “sticking” must have started as by 10.50 a total of 17,673 applications were submitted. That is, in 45 minutes, almost 8,000 applications were submitted compared to 10,000 in the first five.

Obstacles to applications in the “Save-Autonomy” program

Of the total number of applications submitted normally (the number of those left on the … road is not announced), almost half were approved, ie 8,702, committing the amount that had been budgeted for the Attica Region, ie 144.8 million euros. According to the ministry, this corresponds to an average grant of about 16,600 euros per approved application.

Once again, as happened on Friday in Epirus and the Ionian Islands, engineers trying to register customer applications complained about a system that did not respond and “stuck”, especially when certificates had to be obtained from other databases such as theirs. Tax Office.

End of time

The inability of one system to extract data from the other led many to lose valuable time and, as we are told, when the process was unblocked and the data completed, the answer was that the grant amount was now exhausted. Engineers wonder how it is possible for others to “hang” the system and for others not, while yesterday major problems generally prevailed on international platforms such as those of Google.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy admitted in yesterday’s announcement that “small delays were recorded in the Building Cert system”, ie in the database where the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) of each building are stored. But he blames the engineers themselves, saying the delays “are largely due to the large number of people rushing to issue a PEA or modify an existing one at the last minute, leaving the Building Cert heavy.”

Many interested parties are asking for a list of shortlisted applications, ie those that meet the criteria but lost the battle with time, so that they can be used either in the next announcement (expected in 2021) or when one of the successful ones fails to complete complete dossier. In the face of these demands, the ministry has consistently argued that this poses legal and technical problems that do not allow the formation of a shortlist. Tomorrow 16/12 at 10.00 the platform for energy upgrade programs in buildings of the Regions of Central Greece and Peloponnese opens.