The Bachelor: Angelina – Instagram revealed her true age

The Bachelor: Will he make it to the grand finale of reality show?

Final week for the Bachelor with Panagiotis Vasilakos officially announcing the name of the girl with whom he wishes to continue his life, except in reality.

The four finalists, Rafaela, Vivian, Angelina and Nicoletta, will be faced with unpleasant news, as Panagiotis will announce an extraordinary Roses Ceremony, from which a girl will be out of the game, just before the grand final.

Undoubtedly, Angelina is one of the most talked about faces in reality. In fact, Nikos Moutsinas, commenting on an excerpt from the Bachelor, was surprised when he heard Angelina declare 20 years old!

The presenter of SKAI mentioned that her appearance looks like a girl older than her age, saying that Angelina may be hiding for years, since she looks like 30 years old.

What is her real age?

Doing a search on her personal instagram account, you will easily find her date of birth.

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