The “attack” on Dimitris Sirinakis by a mentally ill prisoner

The producer of erotic films, Dimitris Sirinakis, receives a savage … attack with a food serving tray from a mentally ill prisoner, in one of the episodes of the new TV series, “Another Ego – Purification” where he impersonates a prison inmate.

THE Dimitris Sirinakis participated in one of the episodes of the new TV series “Eteros Ego – Katharsis” which is shown on Cosmote Tv after the idea that his friend and director had, Sotiris Tsafoulias, who suggested that he appear as a guest in one of the episodes, in the role of the head of the prison.

In this episode, Dimitris Sirinakis confronts a prisoner and a mentally ill murderer, giving viewers a unique splatter scene that would be envied by Quentin Tarantino.


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