The 8 questions before we are vaccinated – Newsbeast

Government preparations for the national vaccination against it are in full swing coronavirus and the procedural part that will be followed by the citizens at the moment when the appointment is made at the vaccination center in its area.

According to information, the hospitals are already being prepared, because the health workers are the first target group and will be vaccinated in the hospitals.

Vulnerable groups and the rest of the population will be vaccinated at the vaccination centers in their area and will then respond in writing to a short questionnaire so that experts can receive the relevant information and see if doctors, nurses and health visitors can actually proceed. due to medical act.

So, after the citizen fills in his name and date, then with “Yes”, “No” or “I do not know” he should answer questions such as, “Do you feel unwell today?”, “Do you have a known drug allergy?” , food, some ingredient vaccine or rubber? ‘ or “Are you on long-term treatment with anticoagulants or aspirin?” and “Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?”

In the printed matter There is also the following important clarification: If a person answers all the “Yes” questions, this does not necessarily mean that the vaccine is contraindicated.

Special consent form

The second form concerns citizens who cannot give their oral consent to their vaccination, such as people with mental retardation, people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, and people with mental illness who have been given legal aid.

This is the “Vaccination Consent after Information” which is completed either by the legal aid or the immediate family environment (spouse and first blood relatives) of the patient.

The medical staff of the vaccination center then fills in the third part of this special form, in order to confirm that the patient is not able to give his consent on his own and someone else did it legally for him.