The 10 countries with the most coronavirus cases on the planet

The coronavirus continues to spread on the planet, with second wave to “scan” her Europe.

From the 10 countries with the most coronavirus cases worldwide all 5 are in Europe.

First by far the USA. Having broken the “barrier” of 300,000 deaths from Covid-19 and leading infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci to warn that the start of vaccination does not mean that people should stop wearing a mask, avoid crowding and not limit their contacts , the country counts 16,998,715 confirmed infections.

In second place the India with 9,930,284 new cases of coronavirus. Tuesday the Brazil with 6,934,539 and fourth h Russia with 2,707,945. The first 5 are completed by France with 2,379,915 cases. In 6th place the Turkey with 1,898,447 Covid-19 infections, while the seventh is the Great Britain with 1,888,116.

Italy and Spain followed by 1,870,576 and 1,762,212 coronavirus cases respectively. The top 10 countries with the most confirmed Covid-19 infections since the start of the pandemic closes Argentina. In the Latin American country the number of confirmed cases is 1,503,222.

In detail, the list with the 10 countries with the most coronavirus cases worldwide:

  1. USA: 16,998,715
  2. India: 9,930,284
  3. Brazil: 6,934,539
  4. Russia: 2,707,945
  5. France: 2,379,915
  6. Turkey: 1,898,447
  7. Great Britain: 1,888,116
  8. Italy: 1,870,576
  9. Spain: 1,762,212
  10. Argentina: 1,503,222.

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