Teta Kamboureli: New outing for the beautician – Find out for yourself where she went and your mind does not go!

THE Teta Kamboureli she tries to leave behind all the bad and continue her life normally, despite what has happened.

The well-known beautician goes to work every day and does what she did before all this grief over her husband Vassilis Gurousis’ name broke out.

In fact, she constantly uploads videos on her Youtube channel and gives her advice to her followers.

Teta Kamboureli was recently immortalized by the camera lens of gossip-tv.gr in a shooting range in Attica where she had gone with one of her three sons to do the planned shooting lesson.

She did the same today (22/4) but this time she informed us about it through her personal Instagram account by posting relevant photos.

So Teta took her gun and wrote characteristically in her caption: “Shooting lesson! Good morning to everyone :)”.

As you will see, she was stylish even in the shooting range!

See her post in the gallery below: