Terlega Revelation: The outrageous amount they have ruined in his shop in one night!

On Alpha’s show, “Happy Day”, the popular singer spoke, Vassilis Terlegkas and referred to his relationship with the world, revealing who he is bigger amount that someone has ruined for him on the track.

“The track is respected in the world. You have to look at your image. I look at my dress and grooming “, said Vassilis Terlegkas initially, talking about his relationship with the world through his work.

“And 20 and 30 million they ruined for me one night. “I have seen people waste a lot of money”, the singer added, without however specifying in what currency the money was.

He even told him what someone said when asked why he was wasting so much money, “the next day I asked someone” why are you wasting so much money “, since you can listen to an artist with more money and he answered me” but tomorrow I will make double“»

Finally, he commented on those who have tried to imitate him in imitation shows such as “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

“I have die in laughter because they do not know how to make me. “Because those who make me have never seen me,” he concluded.