Tension in Parliament: Bougas used a Nazi slogan (Video)

“We will return and the earth will tremble,” he said parliamentary representative of ΝΔ from the Plenary Step to attack Pavlos Polakis, provoking a strong reaction from the members of the official opposition. For bad luck of Giannis Bougas, the same Nazi slogan was shouted by Adonis Georgiadis at the time he was in LAOS.

Responding to Pavlos Polakis who repeated that when SYRIZA returns to power “It will be different”, G. Bougas considered it appropriate to interpret the words of his political opponent with the Goebbels slogan: “We will return and the earth trembles.”

Automatically the deputies of the official opposition they raised their tones, asking the parliamentary representative of the majority to reconstruct. Even the chair of the meeting, Charalambos Athanassiou, called G. Bougas to recall. However, he insisted, talking about interpretation of the words of P. Polakis.

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It should be noted that the same Nazi slogan was shouted by the current vice president of ND and Minister of Development at the time when he was on his side. George Karatzaferis. P. Polakis also reminded of this fact, asking G. Bougas to take back the words. “Call back otherwise you will force me to openly listen to Adonis Georgiadis when he was singing at a LAOS event” said, with the parliamentary representative of the coalition answering that he did not mean at all that Mr. Polakis is governed by such logics

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