Survivor: Alexis Pappas left with an “inflated” bank account (vid) | Plus: Showbiz

The TV audience decided to take him out of Survivor Alexis Pappas and keep him in the game Rose and the George Asimakopoulos. A departure that brought intense celebrations from the blue team because of her against that Alexis Pappas had with james Kafetzis.

In the council of the island there were many players, mainly from the blues who openly stated that they hope that Alexis Pappas will leave, with Nikos Bartzis … sending hugs to the actor and saying “Hello Pappas, suckers“, Before George Lianos announces which player is leaving.

So the Alexis Pappas prepares his return suitcases in Greece with his bank account being very. inflated after his presence in the game.

The actor stayed together 16 weeks in survival reality, something that brought him a not insignificant amount. For a fee 5,000 euros per week, Alexis will receive a total of 80,000 euros for his presence in Saint Dominic.