Survivor 4: Which journalist and presenter accepted the offer and is close to an agreement?

Preparations for it are feverish Survivor, which is expected to return to our television receivers soon. On Friday, December 18, the first mission is expected to leave for Saint Dominic, while the lists of Celebrities and Fighters are slowly closing.

As revealed by Alexis Michas in Breakfast. a surprise name that is close to a deal, is the Anthi Salagoudi, which will have a decisive appointment with the production today.

The fashion blogger was also on the Breakfast set Elena Galyfa, who confirmed that she was offered the survival reality show, but also that it was tempting.

“I suffered enough to make the final decision about Survivor. While the original phone call was not my initial answer when I went to the appointment, the truth is that their proposal is very tempting. The money was very good for that and I strained. Thanks to Acun Medya, they treated me very well. “I was in front when they got phone calls asking why they didn’t get a phone call to participate,” said Elena Galyfa explaining that he ultimately rejected the proposal.

See all the details in the following video.