Survey: Greece has 9,855 … sugar babies

Listening to the words Sugar daddy and “sugar babies » the mind makes images with mature, well-to-do men and young beautiful girls with model proportions. In modern times, there are many cases where someone with enough money can offer some comfort to a young girl, offering her company up to her body. Usually these men are looking online for young women who are looking for the easy solution to meet their own financial needs but also to acquire very expensive accessories and clothes.

According to research by one of the largest platforms of such acquaintances in Seeking Arrangement which has at least 22 million members worldwide, in There are 9,855 sugar babies in Greece for 6,000 sugar daddies. According to the research, the economic crisis, the pre-pandemic poverty and rising unemployment are some of the reasons that led a significant percentage of Eastern European women to turn to Sugar Dating.

Romania is the champion, with 23,288 Sugar Babies for 7,834 Sugar Daddies located in the country. Second is Ukraine with almost 22,000 Sugar Babies for 4,000 Sugar Daddies, followed by Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria, which are among the five countries with the most members in the region.

In the SeekingArrangement, a Sugar Daddy is a generous man who enjoys supporting his partner and money is not a problem for him. On the other hand, a Sugar Baby is a person who knows his worth and enjoys dating people who are financially secure and who can upgrade their quality of life.

SeekingArrangement is the largest Sugar Dating site, with 22 million members worldwide, looking for mutually beneficial relationships on their own terms. SeekingArrangement supports honesty and transparency in dating and is a model for the modern needs of dating. In fact, it continues and expands this community of adults with similar ideas, who believe that happiness is more important than traditional relationships.

Total number of Sugar Babies in Eastern Europe: 79,804

  • Belarus 2,815

  • Montenegro 681

  • Northern Macedonia 498

Total number of Sugar Daddies in Eastern Europe: 30,099

  • Northern Macedonia 423

  • Montenegro 404

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