Stoltenberg: I ​​expressed concern over Turkey’s decision to acquire S-400s

His concern about her decision Turkey to Buy Russian Missiles | S-400 expressed his secretary general NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, asked about it during the joint press conference he gave with the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Kripokavic, after their meeting.

“I am sorry because we are in a situation where NATO allies must impose sanctions on each other. “I also expressed my concern about Turkey’s decision to take Russian S-400s,” said Jens Stoltenberg.

He added that “this is a national decision, but the S-400 system is not compatible with NATO systems».

At the same time, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance called on “all NATO allies, Turkey and other allies, to find ways to positive solution».

The government of USA On Monday, it imposed sanctions on its NATO ally, Turkey, over the purchase of Russia’s S-400 air defense missile system, paving the way for further escalation of the confrontation between the two countries.

Ankara has condemned as a “disastrous mistake” the US government imposed sanctions on the S-400, threatening retaliation if the United States does not immediately reverse its decision.

Sanctions are directed against him Chairman of the Directorate of Defense Industry of the Turkish Presidency of the Republic Ismail Demir and against three more Turks its employees, as announced by the US Treasury Department and include assets freeze and travel visa restrictions.

Licensing by the US is also prohibited exports and authorizations in the Turkish Defense Industry SSB.